Sunday, August 10, 2008

Uber Crafters of Etsy 1st Meeting

8-8-08:This really made me see what a talented and diverse group of crafters we have going here :)Our 1st meeting was a success, see the photos!

Members that were there (and a couple of guests) include:
Michelle (myself)
Andrea (guest)
Cynthia (guest)
Wendy (& tiny person :) )
It was nice to finally be able to meet some of you!

We each introduced ourselves and told a little about what we do as crafters. Each passed around a craft that they had done as a sampling of work. Let me just say, UNBELIEVEABLE crafters here in this group...and we had a little of everything!

Beaded jewelry, seed beaded items, chainmaille, wooden sign items, crochet, magnets, and other assorted amazing craft items!

Julie showed us her store, Hands On 4 Kidz, and told us what she does there with the children. It's such a fun place and we also learned how we can benefit from her knowledge and from her store. Those of you that were not in attendance, please email Julie for more info.

We talked about how FreeCycle can be such a great place for supplies, we traded a few supplies, brought canned goods for the less fortunate in our area. We also talked about ordering supplies in bulk for bigger savings.

We also brought up teaching classes on our individual craft and how much of a great thing that would be for our small towns.I passed out a small press release and some assorted info, if you were not there (and are a member) and would like a copy, please send me your address and I will get you out a copy.

We only touched quickly on our upcoming craft show and I think that next meeting should be focused on that. Tentative dates are November 29/30.

Friday evenings seem like a good day for all of us, and meetings will be usually held then. We thought once-twice a month would be best, I think closer to the show/fair, we may want to meet more than less, but we can cross that bridge later.

We snacked on some yummy hummus with pita, cupcakes and, Reese's.....and I, for one, had a vat of coffee :)

In closing, what does everyone think of our next meeting being Friday, August 29? Same Bat Time, Same Bat Place?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan...
Was an awesome first meeting!!!

SwimmingInFountains said...

Looks like I missed an amazing first meeting...

I have a wedding over Labor Day, dangit! I won't be at the next meeting either. But I can do any leg work you need before that meeting. Just let me know.